Cure Your Nasal Allergies

Spring blooms and Fall weather got you down? Now you can breathe easier AND say goodbye to allergy needles!

At West Houston ENT and Sleep Center, we do in-office testing to immediately diagnose the source of your allergies. We then use this information to create a customized immunotherapy prescription to cure your inhalant allergies.

If you’re suffering with more than the occasional allergy symptom, you will greatly benefit from a thorough nasal allergy evaluation and customized treatment regimen. We have helped hundreds of patients feel better and improve their quality of life by providing allergy testing, customized medical treatment regimen, and Immunotherapy. If you want to get tested and treated, contact us today. We can help you get the relief you crave.

“If you’re looking for an ENT doctor with a caring nature, patience and a sense of humor, you’ve found him. I was a very impatient (grumpy) person after my surgery (Tonsillectomy, Syptoplasty & UPP). I was very hard to deal with and not a pleasure to be around. I found myself phoning the Dr.’s office quite a few times in between my scheduled visits with questions and sometimes complaints. Dr. Ludwick and his staff (Claudia, Marisol and Samantha) were always helpful and warm. They put me right at ease during my recovery. Just knowing they were a phone call away meant a lot to me. The overall outcome was a huge success. I no longer snore and there’s no need for a CPAP.”
Bobby Durley

Stop the shots.

Start the drops.

cures your
inhalant allergies

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