West Houston ENT and Sleep Center carries a wide variety of custom ear products designed for a multitude of uses.  Some examples include:

Custom swim plugs

These are a great option if you are recovering from an ear infection, ear surgery, or if you MUST keep your ear canals dry.  Great for bathing, showering, or swimming.  Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.


Custom sound protection ear plugs

These are a good option when disposable ear plugs fall out, are uncomfortable, or hurt.  Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.


Custom shooting/hunting protection

Hunters are exposed to some of the most dangerous sounds that can result in permanent hearing loss. But how can you wear ear plugs AND hear the animals!?  Simple.  There are specially designed custom earplugs that amplify the sounds (such as conversations & environmental sounds) UNTIL a noise (such as gun fire) exceeds a certain loudness level.  When that loud noise occurs, the shooter’s plugs cutoff, protecting the hearing mechanism.


Musician ear plugs

Musicians are exposed to high levels of sounds for long periods of time.  These custom earplugs have specially designed filters that result in a smooth, flat attenuation.  They are designed so that speech and music sound the same, just softer.


Custom ear molds for Bluetooth

Personalized, custom earmolds that attach to your device for a more comfortable fit.


Custom ear molds for headphones

A perfect fit to use with all your audio equipment.


Newscaster molds


Pilot headset molds


Stethoscope adapter molds



If you would like to learn more about the custom ear solutions available at West Houston ENT and Sleep Center, contact us today.


Contrary to popular opinion, getting water in the ears will not cause an acute middle ear infection, unless the eardrum has a hole.

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