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“I have had severe allergies for most of my life. For over 20 years, I was unable to play golf or participate in other outdoor activities during the spring or the fall. I had chronic sinusitis with nasal congestion and sinus blockage. The chronic accumulation of thick mucus made it difficult to breathe through my nose and I was not able to sleep properly. I was only able to sleep by using medication such as Afrin to open my nasal passages. I routinely needed a prescription for antibiotics to combat my sinus infections.

I saw Dr. Ludwick in May of 2009. He performed a thorough evaluation of my upper airway. He explained how a combination of surgery, immunotherapy and regular sinus lavage would benefit me. I sincerely appreciate that he was thorough in his explanations of the process. The staff at West Houston ENT and Sleep has always been very friendly and responsive to my needs. Marisol has been wonderful to me! I felt like I completely understood my options and I was certain that Dr. Ludwick would be able to provide me with significant relief.

I began immunotherapy in October 2008 and I had the surgery performed in May 2009. My surgery consisted of turbinate reduction, sinuplasty and septoplasty. This process changed my life. I no longer have any allergies at all. I do not have the sinus congestion and mucus discharge the plagued me for over 20 years. I am able to sleep without any nasal congestion and I feel much better when I wake up in the morning. I recommend Dr. Ludwick to all of my friends and family without hesitation. This process has truly improved my quality of life. If you have any type of sinus problem or allergies, I urge you to go see Dr. Ludwick. Don't wait because relief is there for youl!”

Brian Gaden


Feeling Congested?

Constantly taking cold and allergy medication to feel better? Now you don’t have to.  

We have helped hundreds of patients definitively resolve their nasal congestion. We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and technology to provide simple in-office procedures that will rid you of your nasal congestion.

Chronic mucosal swelling of the nasal cavity or sinus mucosa is the culprit. Often, little mucous is present so blowing your nose does not help to relieve it.  Poorly controlled nasal allergy is not the only cause.  In fact, many patients have undiagnosed chronic sinus disease or nasal polyps.  Each of these issues must be effectively addressed or symptoms will persist.


Let Dr. Ludwick customize a convenient, straightforward treatment plan for you that works. At West Houston ENT, we have the latest diagnostic and treatment tools available to relieve nasal congestion. Treatment options include:

If you are constantly congested or have allergies and would like to get tested and treated, contact us today. We can help you get the relief you crave.


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