Home vs. In-Lab
Monitored Sleep Study

While home sleep studies are now more widely accepted, sleep experts agree that Polysomnography (in-lab, monitored sleep study) is the gold standard.  There are certainly devices that can be used at home.  The question is whether or not you want to base a life-long diagnosis on an estimate of what is really happening versus having your results (and the equipment) closely monitored by a trained technician while you actually sleep.  After all, your diagnosis and treatment options are based on the information obtained during the sleep study.

During a home sleep study you typically sleep one to three nights with the equipment, and then the data is “interpreted” by a physician.  In reality, there is no interpretation of the data by a physician because the machine only produces numbers. There are no electrode tracings to review as in a real, monitored, in-lab sleep study. 

With an in-lab sleep study, The Sleep Lab at West Houston sleep center technicians can:

  • Gather sleep stage data
  • Assess sleep stage-related Sleep Apnea
  • Perform an electrocardiogram.  Many patients with obstructive Sleep Apnea have arrhythmias during sleep caused by their sleep apnea.
  • Record body position to diagnose positional Sleep Apnea
  • Record limb movements to diagnose Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which can contribute to daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  • Accurately gauge the severity of disease
  • Reposition leads and address lead malfunctions throughout the night
  • Titrate Positive Airway Therapy

If you would like to schedule a Sleep Study, talk to your physician for a referral, or contact us directly to schedule an appointment or obtain additional information.

“For years family and friends told me I snored heavily and stopped breathing in my sleep but it never woke me up. Eventually the lack of restful sleep eventually made me feel exhausted within an hour of waking up and feeling tired all the time. I suddenly found myself falling asleep throughout the day. That's when I knew I needed to get help. Dr. Ludwick and his staff at West Houston ENT and Sleep Center gave me back my life. After my sleep study was completed and I received my BiPAP machine, I was able to get the good sleep my body so desperately needed and the best part is that you start feeling better immediately! I have already told my family and friends about the great work they do and would recommend Dr. Ludwick and his friendly staff to anyone who is suffering from sleep apnea. They really did save me from myself!” Ed O’Donnell, Houston, TX

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