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At West Houston ENT and Sleep Center, we do in-office testing to immediately diagnose the source of your allergies.  We then use this information to create a customized immunotherapy prescription to cure your inhalant allergies. Understanding your allergy medications is paramount to the successful treatment of your symptoms.  This is why Dr. Ludwick takes the time to thoroughly explain how each of the medications work, why it was chosen and how to properly use it.


Shotless Immunotherapy

Unlike allergy medications which only cover up your allergy symptoms, Immunotherapy cures your inhalant allergies.  Unfortunately, until recent years immunotherapy had to be delivered using weekly injections.  The shots work to desensitize your immune system to your allergen triggers.   

At West Houston ENT and Sleep Center, we use Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) to cureyour nasal allergy symptoms – NO MORE INJECTIONS!  SLIT works the same way as shots, training your immune system to ignore the allergens it is currently reacting towards.  This includes seasonal and year-round allergy sufferers.  SLIT therapyhas been used for decades in Europe to treat inhalant allergies and has gained wide acceptance in the U.S. 

  • Daily drops of serum are placed under the tongue at home – no more daily or weekly trips to the doctor’s office for allergy shots
  • The treatment lessens allergy symptoms and decreases medication use
  • It’s safer than allergy shots, and eliminates the risk of life-threatening anaphylactic reactions

f you’re suffering with more than the occasional allergy symptom, you will greatly benefit from a thorough nasal allergy evaluation and customized treatment regimen.  We have helped hundreds of patients feel better and improve their quality of life by providing allergy testing, customized medical treatment regimen, and Immunotherapy. If you want to get tested and treated, contact us today.  We can help you get the relief you crave.


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