Recurrent Ear Infections / Chronic Ear Fluid



If your child is being treated for more than three ear infections every six months, please bring them to West Houston ENT and Sleep Center. They would likely benefit from an evaluation with us. Contact us and let Dr. Ludwick help keep your child become ear infection free


Recurring ear infections are usually caused by poor Eustachian tube function leading to chronic negative middle ear pressure and fluid accumulation.  Enlarged adenoids, reflux, and poorly controlled nasal allergies are contributing factors. Speech delay, multi-drug resistant bacteria, and even serious complications including ear bone infection (mastoiditis) or meningitis can result if left untreated. 

Chronic ear fluid is often a silent problem. You typically don’t know your child has it because they don’t complain of pain, don’t develop fever, and don’t have ear drainage.  In fact, the unfortunate first sign can be a delay in speech development. 

Chronic ear fluid is sterile, mucous-like fluid that sits between the ear drum and the hearing organ, the Cochlea.  This fluid causes a significant hearing loss eventually resulting in speech delay.

Ear tube placement is a short procedure requiring no recovery that clears the fluid and restores hearing to normal levels.

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