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A luxurious night’s sleep, with all the comforts of home, awaits you at The Sleep Lab at West Houston.

Our office-based sleep lab, designed personally by Dr. James Ludwick, is warm, comfortable, and luxurious – the perfect setting to induce sleep while we uncover the medical cause of your interrupted sleep and/or snoring.  Our office-based sleep lab offers:

  • Private baths with floor to ceiling porcelain-tiled showers
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • 50” High Definition Plasma TV’s with HD Cable and DVD’s
  • Queen pillow-top mattresses
  • Recessed lighting
  • Individual room climate control
  • Whisper quiet rooms


Don’t waste another night wondering why you can’t sleep.  Call us today to schedule your Sleep Study and let us get you back on the path to sweet dreams.


Your private, five star like bedroom has a private bath, HD TV and all the amenities you could hope for.

Dr. Ludwick will ensure your stay is comfortable and very beneficial. All services regarding any sleep disorder you may have will be performed right here in this one location. Because Dr. Lucwick will educate you, you’ll also know exactly what’s going on with your health and what will be done to improve it.

smile“After much encouragement from both my wife and finally my family practice physician, I agreed to see an ENT specialist to review options on how to possibly reduce / stop my snoring. I was not getting the rest each night I needed and most days were becoming a challenge to keep my eyes open. I spoke with a physician friend and he suggested West Houston ENT and Sleep Center & Sleep Center. My wife set up an appointment for me with Dr. James Ludwick. The office, next to West Houston Medical Center, was very easy to find and in a very nice, modern setting.

After my initial assessment by Dr. Ludwick, it was recommended that I have a sleep study. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about it. Dr. Ludwick said that they had just opened a lab adjacent to the office and offered to tour me through the facility. Wow, what a set up! The lab consists of two, five star quality bed rooms, each having its’ own attached bathroom and shower. There was a nice, large flat screen TV, desk and reading lamp, a very relaxed atmosphere.

Between the bedrooms is a centralized control area for the technician to control the sleep environment, monitor and view the patients. After seeing this, it somewhat soothed my apprehension about having the test done and went ahead and had it scheduled.

The evening of the test I presented myself around 7:00pm and was taken right into “my bedroom”. The tech was very pleasant and explained the procedure and expectations. She hooked up all the wires and devices for monitoring & breathing and I was allowed to watch TV and relax prior to calling it a night. Before I knew it I was being awakened by the tech. I was able to shower and dress, and there was a hot cup of coffee waiting for me as I came out. From the time I arrived and parked in the connected parking garage, to walking into the lab, everything was efficient and well planned. I have been in the medical field for 30 years and it is all about customer service. From the office and technical staff to the physician, this is a nice, comfortable, high quality lab that I would recommend to family and friends without hesitation.”

Michael Thomas, Eagle Lake, TX

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