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“My previous ENT Doctor only briefly explained what he thought was wrong and did not really go into the details of what the surgery would involve. I was simply advised that "you need sinus surgery." The time Dr Ludwick spent to explain my problems and show me what was going on really helped me to understand and trust Dr Ludwick. His professional demeanour and competence won me over and I decided my best hope to lead a more healthy life was to undertake another procedure to insert ear tubes and perform functional endoscopic sinus surgery. The procedure was less unpleasant than I imagined and the recovery time was only around 5 days. My quality of life has improved markedly since this procedure and I no longer suffer from repeated infections. My energy levels, sense of taste and smell are all restored. If you suffer from sinus or ear infections and are tired of the misery these bring, I highly recommend the work of Dr James Ludwick.”

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Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy


A Patient-Centric Approach to Medicine

The West Houston ENT and Sleep Center & Sleep Center opened its doors in April 2006 with strong aspirations to create a different kind of practice – one that really represents a patient-centric approach to medicine. We truly believe that’s what our patients deserve. Every day, we put patients first; and it is this level of detail that makes your experience with us as comfortable as possible.  

What Makes Us Different
  • We listenDr. Ludwick understands the importance of patient-doctor communication, which is why all new patient visits are scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes. Dr. Ludwick takes the time to listen to your symptoms and concerns.  He asks numerous questions and performs a thorough examination before ordering any tests or lab work.  After he’s made a diagnosis, he uses illustrations and actual exam pictures to explain your pathology and findings. We place a high level of importance on what our patients have to say so we can appropriately treat you.
  • We educate.  We don’t just arbitrarily decide what’s wrong and start writing prescriptions for it or immediately schedule unnecessary surgery. We’ll thoroughly explain all of our findings and test results, and make sure you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and what your best treatment options are. When you leave, you’ll know much more than when you came.
  • We’re specialized and convenient.  Dr. Ludwick’s dual certification in Otolaryngology (ENT) and Sleep Medicine means you won’t need to see multiple specialists in multiple locations.  We can handle all of your ENT and sleep issues from one convenient location.
  • We care.  We do what’s best for YOU…not for us, but for you.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility.  The West Houston ENT & Sleep Center and The Sleep Lab at West Houston is filled with state-of-the-art exam equipment, which allows us to conduct most of your diagnostic testing from our office. As an added benefit to having this equipment onsite, you can see your results first-hand and have them carefully explained to you.  We won’t just tell you that you have a deviated septum or a polyp in your nose – you’ll actually see the pathology for yourself. We offer spacious examination and treatment rooms, as well as amenities such as an iMac mini-station and Wi-Fi internet access.
  • We’re accessible.  When you contact us, you’ll talk to you a staff member, not a voice mail.  If you email us, you’ll get a response.  We never leave our patients waiting.
  • We help. We’ll schedule all necessary lab tests, scans, x-ray, or referral appointments.  We’ll explain medical benefits so there are no “surprises” when you leave. We’ll even fax prescriptions directly to your pharmacy so they are waiting for you when you get there.
  • We keep you organized.  To help you keep an accurate record of your care, we’ll provide you with copies of all lab work, radiology, pathology reports, hearing tests, and sleep study reports.  In addition, we know that timely communication to your referring physician is paramount to outstanding patient care. Rest assured, all lab results, radiology reports and a personal letter written by Dr. Ludwick will be faxed to your physician the same day of your visit to keep your primary care doctor up-to-date on all treatment plans.
  • We’ll take care of you.  We make it our commitment to help our patients feel better, breathe better, and sleep better.   Period.

Once you have been cared for by Dr. Ludwick and his exceptional staff, seen our state-of-the-art facility we think you’ll appreciate that we’re serious about our practice, our patients, and the level of care we provide.  Our practice has grown, not through mass marketing and advertising, but through patients referring friends and family members.  We want to be a part of your family as well.  And don’t just take our word for it.  Get first-hand accounts from West Houston ENT and Sleep Center patients and learn how we’ve helped others just like you.

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